We are serving meals prepared daily that have the flair of New Mexico.  We use green chilis and spices in our green chili stew, posole and carne adovada.  One favorite of our customers is the M Street Diner Burrito, a meal and a half!
You have a choice of adding New Mexico flavors to tradional hamburgers, hot dogs and omelettes.  You have the choice of ham or chorizo (spicy sausage) to your eggs. You can choose to have ribs smothered in red chili sauce with your soup.  The choice of tasting flavors fed by the Rio Grande River can brighten your day!
We serve meals here in our dining room, or you can take out orders for those with schedule crunches.  We can also provide large amounts of such choices as burritos, hot dogs, ribs or traditional soups to help student groups cram for exams. 
Hours: Mon-Thur 7a - 3p, Fri & Sat 9a - 8p  Sun 9a - 2p